Unique Bridal Hairstyles Brides are Loving!

Unique Bridal Hairstyles Brides are Loving!

 Building the perfect aisle-ready look is no easy task, but once you’ve selected your dress, makeup style, and jewelry, there’s one final aspect to looking picture-perfect: your hairstyle! There are many approaches to bridal hairstyling, but whether you’re leaning towards a neat, controlled style or something more relaxed and natural, the accessories you add to tie it all together can transform your look in a number of ways. Here are a few unique accessories to help make your bridal hairstyle one-of-a-kind and entirely your own:




Flowers add a pop of color to your hairstyle and can elevate even the simplest of looks with some bohemian flair. Opt for flowers that match your wedding’s color palette to seamlessly create a cohesive theme throughout your ceremony, or stick to a stem of baby’s breath for a more traditional appeal. 






Pearls add a subtle touch of shimmer to your look and match wonderfully with any color palette. These gorgeous stones add an aura of elegance to any hairstyle, and pair perfectly with a beach wedding. A few ways to go about incorporating these precious bits into your look include donning a pearl-studded tiara, brooch, pin, or simply a string of stones wrapped around your ponytail.




Floral accessories are relatively popular in bridal hairstyles, but you can embody the same nature-esque appeal without adding any color to your look with greenery! Perfect for outdoor ceremonies, this style draws inspiration from your wedding’s surrounding landscape. Opt for a crown crafted out of eucalyptus leaves or a vine woven through your braid for the ultimate bohemian inspired look.

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