Ways to Repurpose & Rewear Your Wedding Dress

Ways to Repurpose & Rewear Your Wedding Dress

Brides buy a once-in-a-lifetime dress that they'll only wear once, which is the basis of the wedding industry. Brides are rethinking the "wear once, store forever" mentality as conversations around overconsumption in fashion continue to intensify. 


GlobalData estimates that the secondhand market will double from $29 billion by 2023 due to the pandemic. Consequently, designers and bridal retailers are seeking ways to develop new services and offer new ones for brides looking to repurpose their dresses. Bridal brand Pronovias announced its in-house alterations program in 2021, and secondhand formalwear startup Queenly continues to include dresses suitable for weddings in its special-occasion collection. 


From selling to re-dying the dress, here are some ways brides can give their dresses a new lease on life!



Re-Dye Your Wedding Dress

It has become increasingly popular for brides who want to keep and wear their wedding dress again to dye it a different color. In 2021, when wedding ceremonies and parties were resuming amid the pandemic, several brides reached out to professionals with custom requests to dye their gowns after wearing the dress. Silk is one of the easiest fabrics to re-dye, so many brides have been able to have this request accommodated! You can find someone who specializes in dyeing that particular fabric depending on what your gown is made of and repurpose it to be used after your big day. 


Alter Your Wedding Dress

Today's brides choose wearable options for their nuptials, including bridal suits and mini dresses, while others favor the grandeur of a princess dress. As many brides turn to independent tailors to shorten their gowns, more and more brands are offering these types of alterations, indicating a move towards a more circular wedding industry. 


Pronovias, for example, offers free makeovers for wedding dresses. The process is simple. Brides can choose to buy one of the 50 Second Life options from the brand's website or stores, then return it to Alessandra Rinaudo after their wedding day for bespoke alterations. 


It seems both brides and designers are beginning to embrace the comfort and versatility of bridalwear after decades of one-of-a-kind, wear-once mentality. 

There really are several options for repurposing and rewearing your wedding dress so you can get more uses out of it! If you still haven't found your wedding gown yet, book an appointment with us today!